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Voice/Chat Room:

Thank you for your interest in educating yourself!

If you are already familiar with our voice room,
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What this room is about...

Novasol's Voice/Chat Room is a means of communication about offshore matters. We will use it for three main purposes:

  1. Webinars - which are online seminars, open to the public;

  2. Specific education, such as paid courses and follow-up on purchases;

  3. Closed meetings for special invitees on special topics that will be announced directly to the involved parties.

The special education sessions will be announced directly to the people who are invited. They will be given a specific password for those sessions.

The public information sessions will generally be advertised below on this page - where you can sign up for them and get your password.

Preparing set-up

To access the room, you will need

  1. The software - which you can download here (it is a 400 kb file, so it will take only a few seconds; you should make a shortcut on your desktop to open it any time you want).

  2. A password - which you will get from us through hushmail when you sign up for the relevant activity. Instructions for this are given individually for each webinar. You find them by checking the webinar you are interested in, by using the overview below. Please note that you will not get your password until we get your affidavit by hushmail and that affidavit refers to an appropriate payment or other access code we recognize and approve of, and you should not expect us to expedite passwords any later than 2 hours before the webinar is scheduled to start!

If you sign up for more than one webinar, you have to go through the sign-up process for each of them, just as you do when you buy tickets to multiple sports events or concert performances. You do not need to download the software more than once, though.

Be aware that the software contains an .exe file - which means that it executes itself. This makes some firewalls and virus protectors want to classify it as a virus! If you experience problems with this, please:

  1. Check that your browser is not blocking the download.

  2. Check the settings of your firewalls and antivirus program (some Norton and MacAfee versions always make problems...). You might have to adjust the settings in order to permit the software to work. Sometimes, you might have to disable the firewall/virusprotector, download the software, reboot the computer, and then re-activate the firewall/virusprotector in order to get those "guardians" to accept the presence of the software.

  3. If your are working in a Network, please check your PORTS: 32768 y 32769, and check restrictions that are in place in the Network.

  4. If you are working behind a Proxy you need to contact the person who administrates the network.

  5. If you run an older Mac, you might need a "windows emulator", which allows your Mac to run files like this one that is meant for a PC. Microsoft calls it a "Virtual PC for Mac". You can get the software here.

Please do not expect to get assistance with these technicalities 2 minutes before a webinar... Get prepared and test your settings a minimum of 2 hours before you are supposed to enter the room, if not the day before.

Entering the room

In order to enter the room you do the following:

  1. Run the program you downloaded. If you can't find it on your hard-drive, download it again.

  2. Accept the license agreement it asks you to accept.

  3. When you are presented a control panel asking your first and last name, enter your first name only plus an initial for last name - or a nickname.

  4. Just below the field where you entered your name is a drop-down menu that allows you to select the room you want to enter. You select "Novasol Judicare Inc." and don't try to enter any other rooms - it won't work...

  5. You submit this information without touching any fields below this - those are only for moderators!

  6. You will now get another control panel that asks you to enter the password for the room. You enter the password you got from us for this particular event. If you forgot your password, you have to connect via hushmail to get it again. We do not pass on passwords over the phone or through unencrypted e-mail.

  7. Once in the room, the moderator and all other visitors to the room will be advised of your arrival, and you will be expected to introduce yourself: First name and city/state/country will do. You can communicate either by voice (if you have a microphone attached to your computer), or by typing in the field for written messages, as in a normal chat room. Both voice messages and typed messages get distributed to all participants.

  8. You adjust the volume of your speakers and of your microphone in the lower left corner of the window, where you also find the "Talk" button, which you must hold down with your mouse while you talk, just as you would do with a walkie-talkie.

  9. If you have problems with the connection, you always close the window and start over. But you can also log out and off in again. You do this through the "File" menu in the upper left corner.

Be aware that the quality of the sound you hear and the presentations you see will depend quite a lot on the quality and speed of your Internet connection. But a good dial-up connection will normally work reasonably well, although somewhat "challenged". Unfortunately, a slow dial-up connection will often cause trouble with the quality.

Please make sure that you enter the room well ahead of the start of the event you want to participate in. The room will always be open at least an hour before, often much earlier (especially for first-time events), so you do not have the solve technical challenges in the last minute.

Note: we do check that the participants are only those we have approved, so if you log in with a different name than what we approved, you will be excluded from the voice room. Also, if you log in after we did the check on participants, you might not be accepted, so please be on time!

We look forward to meeting you!

To your freedom!

Novasol Judicare Inc.


P.S. A general note on passwords and affidavits: You get the password for a given webinar as a hushmail response to your affidavit, no matter how many affidavits you have sent in before. We do not give out passwords over the phone or in ordinary e-mail, and we do not allow access to our webinars to people whom we cannot identify or from whom we do not have an appropriate affidavit. Those affidavits are legal documents that can be compared to the license agreements you click "I accept" for whenever you download some software, but individualized and personalized.

No credit card?

You will notice that the affidavits call for you referring to a payment you made with a credit card in your own name. This is for verification of your identity. If you do not have a credit card, or the one you have is not in your own name, then you cannot use it for this purpose. This does not meant that you are being rejected, but you just have to follow a different, more cumbersome procedure then, so we can verify your identity in another way. You find more information about this here.

Please be aware that all times below are Mountain Standard Time (MST - Greenwich minus 7 hours), with no corrections for summer time - which, in the summer, makes it the same as Pacific Daylight Savings Time (PDT)! You can check here what time that corresponds to in your corner of the world (links opens new window) - use "Edmonton" as reference in the winter ("Mountain Time" - November through March), and "Vancouver" in the summer ("Pacific Time" - April through October).