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Dear Freedom Friend,

It is our mission to help private people obtain the maxiumum personal freedom. That means that it is our goal to empower you to make as many decisions as possible about those things that affect you and your life, without interference from anyone else.

In a world where we all are up against financial and political powers that are much stronger than ourselves, there is only one way of securing personal freedom: maintaining the maximum privacy!

In our course of business, however, we cannot allow infiltration of criminals or terrorists. For pure business efficacy reasons, we also need to take full advantage of the potential in on-line communication. For these reasons, we will, from time to time, need certain personal information from our clients and prospective clients, sometimes "just" a name and e-mail address, sometimes more. It depends on the suituation.

Online information

When you submit information about yourself to us from one of our web pages, you can rest assured that

  1. We will use the information only as we need it in order to serve you - and for the exact purposes we told you about on the web page where you submitted the information;

  2. We will never pass on your information to others without your consent or give it away or trade it to any other parties, except when forced by law; even in that case, we will do everything humanly possible to notify you ahead of time;

  3. To the best of our judgment, we will never send you mail that is irrelevant to the purpose of your giving us your private information; this particularly goes for our follow-up on the purchases you have made with us;

  4. We always include a simple one-mouse-click opt-out option in all e-mails sent from our automatic mail server; this includes all subscriptions to newsletters, and all follow-up on purchases;

  5. All e-mails that are sent through an automatic server will further include our full contact information, including mailing address (as required by law in the USA), phone number, and e-mail address, so you can contact us at any time;

  6. Any response to any of our automated e-mails will be directly forwarded to a live person who can take action on your requests; if your reply includes a copy of the e-mail you respond you, you greatly help us take care of your concerns;

  7. All our newsletters require double-registration, ensuring that only live people with an active e-mail account can subscribe;

  8. If we ever send out non-solicited information to a larger group of people, we send only one e-mail on the specific topic, for instance an invitation for given event; there is no follow-up on such mailings, but the usual one-mouse-click opt-out option is always included.

We take SPAM accusations very seriously, as we consider SPAM being a criminal offense that contributes to making legitimate communication on the Internet more cumbersome and unreasonably expensive. If you have issues in this regard that you believe we should take action on, please contact us (see contact info below).

Offline information

When you make any purchase through us or submit any papers to us that identify you, we proceed with the same care for your privacy. We do not even store that information on the company's permises! We keep it for no other purpose than being able to respond diligently, cooperatively, and on a strict need-to-know basis to legitimate criminal investigations, and we destroy it no later than after three years.

If we feel you could benefit from someone else connecting with you or from knowing that someone else would want to get a hold of you, we will make you make the decisions about this by letting you know of this contact, so you can decide for yourself if you want to pursue the matter or not. Our client information is for NOBODY but us to see or know of, and we will not even confirm whether or not you are a client of ours, unless we have a court order telling us to do so. And in that case, we will let you know, if we possibly can connect with you.

Credit card information

We do not store credit card information about anyone. The credit card processors we use do not even reveal those data to us, so we simply do not have such information on file, not even on a temporary basis.

Privacy is the very foundation of freedom. As long as we are free to protect it, we will.

There is a good reason for all democratic votes being given in privacy, as a secret ballot. If you cannot exercise your most fundamental powers in complete privacy, you have no freedom, but are an easy target for extortion and abuse. This goes not only for electing our government; it goes in all matters where we make decisions on behalf of ourselves to promote the future we want.

As with all human rights, you cannot claim it as yours unless you are also willing to allow everybody else to do the same! Rights you do not want to share are not human rights. They are privileges....

Other than that, thank you for checking our privacy policy - it indicates that you too are trying to do what can be done to reduce the amount of SPAM and other privacy intrusion we all detest, and we most certainly appreciate that.


Novasol Judicare Inc.

P.S. If your concern is related to mail you do not receive from us as expected, please check out the common reasons for that here.

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