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Our Beliefs


Freedom is a human right, when it comes to making choices in our lives that affect only ourselves and do not restrict other people's rights to do the same. The individual is a sovereign person. Nobody owns a person, and no person deserves to be enslaved or restricted from exercising his/her freedom of choice in full. And no government has any legitimate right to tamper with that for the purpose of "control" or "protection".

Freedom is rare - if is has ever existed on Earth. Its main enemy is man.

Unfortunately, many people do not comprehend that with loss of freedom, you also lose control of your life - and thus also the safety and security you want to enjoy! As Benjamin Franklin said: "People who give up a bit of their freedom in order to achieve some security will get neither security nor freedom - and they deserve neither."


Privacy is the fundament of democracy and freedom. Without it, the individual has no protection against those who have powers. Privacy is a fundamental human right. Exercising one's rights to privacy is not an indication of crimes being hidden, although, of course, criminals prefer to operate in privacy too. But privacy is as fundamental to human freedom as the right to a vote, the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty, the right to a fair trial, and the right of an accused to not be forced to incriminate self.

It is no secret that governments world-wide are opposed to our philosophies of freedom and human rights, regardless of them being supported by United Nations. The reason is that it costs them tax revenue...

To compensate for that, all governments use Mafia tactics in their tax collection efforts: "You pay this, or you will be made miserable"

Unfortunately for the freedom-loving individual, governments have serious powers to follow through on that threat - and they do.

The only relevant protection is PRIVACY. Just as any democratic vote has to be given in privacy, so must all other important personal choices be made in privacy. Without privacy, the individual has no way of protecting self against abuse from those who have the might to exercise "selective punishment" for certain choices, thus fundamentally and effectively restricting people's freedom.

For this reason, we are hysterical about protecting our clients' privacy - and maybe sometimes, we go further than what is required. But we will much rather do that, than just once not go far enough...

For further details, please also see our Privacy Policy.


We object to the principle of any government taxing prosperity. It is counter-productive for our society, and history has shown that it causes all kinds of traumatic conflicts.

Instead of taxing income and value gain, governments should focus on taxing our use of resources - especially where they are too easy to exploit, short-term, and too difficult to replenish, long-term. The best way we can contribute to this being achieved is by informing as many as possible about how you can make income tax-free!

We are certain that the total wealth of our society would increase if the cornerstones of our economy were given less red tape and less hassle to make their businesses prosper - and hence help others get jobs, either as their employees or as their subcontractors. "The cornerstones of our economy" are the entrepreneurs - the people who dare to risk time, sweat, and money for an idea and an opportunity others can benefit from also.

Unfortunately, our governments are not capable of seeing beyond next election date and the red ink on their own financial statements - and taxing has to be done where it can be controlled! Employment income is obvious - it is so easy to tax; by giving the employer a tax benefit out of reporting your salary, the government is making an ally out of your employer in regards to making your income controllable! For small businesses, the same tricks are brought into play - and we are made to believe that they always work. The fact is that they only work to the degree you will let them!

Sure, the government sets the rules of the game - but who says you have to play their game?

Our Contributions

We want to contribute to stop the madness of taxing prosperity.

We believe can contribute to this by spreading the news about how you, as an individual, can avoid being taxed on your prosperity. The more people we can reach, the more will take the consequence and force our governments to exercise more responsibility when choosing what to tax and what not. Prosperity is certainly not on the menu for what should be taxed, and our environment does need protection. The only way of doing that effectively is by taxing our use of resources instead of what we can get out of them!

What is part of the Earth is for all of us to share. But what we create with our mind, our sweat, our labor, and our imagination is private property we must retain our freedom to use as we see fit, without first sharing the wealth from it with a government that did absolutely nothing to create it or promote it.

We hope that this site - with all its free information - will serve the purpose of getting smart people to wake up. That's why we want to reach out to as many people as we can. Yes, we know that when people learn what they can do, then chances are that they will also, at some point in time, actually do it. And yes, we might be able to get more business that way. But so would our competitors....

In any case, we do not want to set up anything for anybody offshore, unless our client is fully aware of what exactly those offshore entities are, and how they can be used in a legal way. Seriously, it is much easier for us to deal with clients that are well-educated and know what they are talking about! So, yes, there is another business motive in this also!

Our Standards

If you want to engage us professionally, we will work with you till you understand what you can do to protect your wealth by taking full advantage of the tools that are legally available to you and everybody else.

We have very comprehensive back-up materials, reports, and courses you can acquire for fees that are ludicrously small compared to what you pay your accountant who still leaves you with a significant tax bill to pay on top of it!

In addition to this, we will assist you through the entire process of getting your offshore structure under control, with the entity or entities you require. We are just an e-mail or a phone call away, and we know, through personal experience, what it takes to do this! We are adamant about doing this in such a way that you retain complete privacy and do not get your name on public record anywhere, ever.

We know that our ways of providing control to our clients are unique - and effective. And that's is how it should be; we don't want our clients involved in scams or in illegal activities.

Regardless of the above, we still do recommend that you use what you get from us to consult your advisors. Your situation is unique, and we cannot know it in any detail, so we must insist on the scope of our assistance being informing you about the possibilities. How exactly you use them to your advantage is beyond what we can help you with.

Our Commitment

We give a full one-year money-back guarantee for any fees you pay to us for information or for teaching you!

If you are dissatisfied with what you are getting out of our communications, you simply let us know, and we will give you a full refund of all money paid to us for the knowledge! We will not even ask for the materials back...

Whatever wisdom you did acquire remains yours - as Benjamin Franklin said: "If you keep all your true valuables in your head, nobody can take them away from you..." We only ask one thing in return: you never ever complain to us about the taxes you pay or the way the government is treating your assets!

Your chance to do something about it is here. If you don't pursue it, it is your own responsibility! But, it is also your responsibility if you choose to do something about it. Either way: YOU are in charge of your own life and what you get out of it.

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