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The additional information we have available on this topic is too comprehensive to display on this web site, so you can get it in the form of a dozen e-mails we will send to you with a few days' intervals. This way, you will get the information over about a month - which gives you time to digest it.

The information in this e-mail series is based on selected extracts from the e-book "Making Yourself Financially Invulnerable". The e-mails will give you an idea of what concepts and principles are involved in protecting your Estate, so you can decide if this is something you want to learn more about or not. The e-mails are in no way meant to substitute legal advice or in any other way to be taken as a complete manual for everything you need to know. We take no ersponsibility whatsoever for the results of any action you might take or not take on the basis of this information.

Here is the outline of the topics these e-mails will address:
  • What you can and cannot do, legally, to avoid taxation
  • Are your investment activities a candidate for tax freedom?
  • Tax and Liability - understanding the "enemy"
  • Introducing the Offshore Trust, your "rich uncle"
  • Using the Offshore Trust, getting money out
  • Using the Offshore Trust, accumulating wealth
  • The International trading platform
  • Eliminating your tax liability on investment proceeds
  • Planning the future, protecting your Loved Ones
  • Additional information
  • Making decisions
In due course, the e-mails will prompt you to pursue also the following topics in greater detail:
  • Protecting your financial privacy
  • Choosing the specific Offshore Trust that is right for YOU
  • The ultimate liability protection and how it works
  • Protecting your Estate

Since none of the above issues are essential for your understanding of the International business set-up for the purpose of tax liability elimination, they are optional. You can choose to check them out or not - it will not affect the flow of the main sessions you subscribe to.

The objective for these e-mails is to make you understand how the concepts work, so you can judge if you can benefit from using them in your own investment business.

In order to receive these e-mails, please fill in the form below with the requested information and hit the "Submit Query" button when done - that's it! The first session will appear in your mailbox a few minutes later.

These e-mails are currently unavailable because of updating and revision. If you sign up regardless, you will receive the first letter only, as confirmation of the sign-up, and you will then be notified when they are available again.
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NOTE: Your e-mail address will not be given to anybody else and will not be used for any other purpose. You can unsubscribe any time you had enough; a simply click of your mouse, and you will instantly be deleted from our mailing list.

Each of the e-mails in this series will take you some 10-20 minutes to read - and you will need to read each of them more than once to get the full understanding of the contents. They are built as a lecture series, so the content of each of them is necessary to understand the ones that follow. Each of them comes with a simple instruction for how to unsubscribe, so you can cancel your subscription anytime you wish - we don't want to spam! For the same reason, you will have to give your official consent to receiving this information; you do this by using the form above to register your subscription.

Please be aware that the mails will be sent automatically from our servers at and If you do not make sure that your spam filters allow incoming mails from these servers, you will never hear from us about this, as we will not respond manually to requests from your automatic spam protector to identify ourtselves as "a live person". These mails are not sent from a private e-mail account, and we cannot send private e--mail from it.

More about dealing with e-mail censorship.

Assessing the advice you can get from a professional advisor

When you think about asking a professional advisor, like your accountant, your lawyer, of your financial planner, you need to understand where they are coming from, before you blindly accept their answers to your queries.

This is particularly true if your questions have anything to do with "going offshore"...

These professionals have learned what they have learned through education provided for by the government, one way or the other. This means that they are "fully qualified" for their job if/when they know nothing but what the government wants them to know...

These professionals generally further depend on a government license in order to maintain their practice - and thus their income...

Question: What kind of advice do you think you will get from them when you inquire about something your government most definitely will not like you to do, such as your "going offshore" and pulling assets and income streams out of the government's control and tax base?

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