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If you want professional help with what exactly you need to do in order to benefit the most from having an Offshore Trust established, you should visit our support site for e-books, reports, and on-line courses.

If you are ready to check the market for what you can get for real money in terms of Offshore Trusts, please visit our commercial site.

Are you getting justice? Ever hesitated calling an attorney because you were unsure about whom to call about your case? Or because you feared an overwhelming bill? Maybe you even abstained from exercising your legal rights because of this? Or lost money? Or had sleepless nights because you were uncertain about your ability to manage a conflict?

With a Pre-Paid Legal membership plan, you get:
  • a toll-free phone number to the largest network of highly qualified attorneys in North America, with access to free legal advice when you need it!
  • free review of documents before you sign them
  • your will made and updated every year
  • letters and phone calls made on your behalf
  • assistance with audits
  • and much more - for less than a dollar per day!
Please check out this unique service that deserves to be as common as Medicare!

(The specific coverage is subject to different limitations in various states/provinces - please check what is available where you live!)

Are you having trouble with your tax returns? Business or private? Maybe you paid way too much, but don't know where to start getting that tax money back? If so, we know whom you can get help from:

The National Audit Defense Network!

Check out their site or call us about it. We will be happy to arrange to have some of the sharpest tax defeators call you and go over with what "hidden assets" you might have that can become useful in a battle with the taxman, in the USA or in Canada!

The National Audit Defense Network has some of the (former) top executives from IRS and Revenue Canada onboard, and they don't let you leave any tax deductions unused!

Want to incorporate your business on-line?

It is simple, once you know what you want! You can check out

for your options, including prices for almost any kind of corporations you might want, including in other states where it might be more beneficial for you to incorporate than where you live. (You might need the services of an agent then, but can help also with that.)

The site is a great resource - and you get a great service at a very reasonable price (if you can get it cheaper somewhere else, you need to watch out for what you get...)

You could be watched any time! You don't know when a government agent will visit you to check on you for "evidence" of terrorism and crimes. Regardless of your innocence, you might still have remains of documents or pictures in your computer that indicate "suspicious activities". You might have good proof that you are innocent, but you might never get to provide it because you can be jailed without knowing what your charges are and without ever getting to know what kind of evidence you are being held in jail for! Maybe you thought this was only in the Soviet Union - but you are wrong! THIS IS THE USA AND CANADA TODAY! Make sure you leave no trails behind you that could possibly later haunt you! Just or not - it doesn't matter when you don't get a chance to defend yourself!
You're in Serious Trouble - It's a Proven Fact!

Eliminate secret data now! Quick and safe!

Deleting "Internet Cache and History" will NOT protect you because any of the Web Pages, Pictures, Movies, Videos, Sounds, E-mail, Chat Logs and Everything Else you see or do could easily be recovered to Haunt you forever! How would you feel if a snoop made this information public to your Spouse, Mother & Father, Neighbors, Children, Boss, Church or the Media? It could easily Ruin Your Life! Solve all your problems and enjoy all the benefits of an "As New PC" Right Now! Evidence Eliminator can Speed-Up your PC/Internet Browser, reclaim Hard Disk space and Professionally Clean your PC in one easy mouse click!


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   The Doggy Bone

Subscribing to "The Doggy Bone"?

Mogens Eliasen's newsletter "The Doggy Bone" is full of solid advice to people who value their personal freedom and privacy. In the newsletter, he shares his enormous experience as a business entrepreneur refusing to succumb to government control!

The solutions have been available for hundreds of years, but most people have the incorrect perception that this stuff is "only for the rich". It is not! It is certainly also available for the small business owner and the novice investor - and they need these tools even more than those who can afford to pay for everything they want.

This stuff is not taught in any school or at any university that is controlled by government. But it is vital to know for anyone who has a desire to get rich and not ripped off by their own government.

More information about getting a free subscription.

Got enough financial business for now? If so, you can go to a links page that is not related to our business - but contains links we personally want to recommend a visit to!

Do you let other people bully you?

Or do you know how to get support
for standing up to your rights?

Have you ever given up on demanding what rightfully is yours, simply because you saw no way of winning the battle?

It happens for a lot of people! All the time. When big businesses or gioovernment agencies are involved, it can be very tough for an "ordinary" person to get the justice we all deserve. It is so easy for "the big guy" to just say, "there is nothing more we can do about it...".

But it is never true! You do not have to walk away and let them screw you.

Instead, you call your lawyer!

Yes - I know. You might not feel you can afford to hire a lawyer for a $50 dispute...

But what if it wouldn't cost you anything to call that attorney? And what if this phone call would give you the knowledge you needed to settle your case in a fair way? Or what if you could get legal help getting your matter resolved, for instance by the lawyer calling your opponent or writing him a letter, on your behalf? Again without it costing you anything?

This could be your reality too!

A Pre-Paid Legal membership would cost you less than a cup of coffee per day - and it would give you all this - plus much more!

Get the power to stand up for your rights!

Get more information about this outstanding service!


Mogens Eliasen

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