the International Business Corporation (IBC)

An International Business Corporation (IBC) is a legal business entity that is established in a foreign country, for the purpose of doing business in your home country and in other countries, but not in the country in which it is established.

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The Corporation - what it is and how it works.

This is a "for Dummies" description of the legal concepts behind a corporation (also an IBC) and how it works. You do not have to involve lawyers in incorporating a business, neither locally nor offshore, but it will certainly help your obtaining good advice from your attorney if you know what this is all about....

A graphical description of the corporation and the players it involves.

If you are a visually oriented person, it might help you to see things "put into perspective". This page is simply a schematic representation of a corporation (including an IBC) and the players around it.

(Use it if it helps you - ignore it if it doesn't. Please be patient with the download - it comes in PDF format. If you do not have a PDF reader installed on your computer, you can get one for free here!)

What makes an IBC different from any other corporation?

Why you get so much more power and privacy by using an IBC.

There are also some important limitations and some strict rules you need to know well in order to get the full benefits from doing business Internationally.

Using your IBC - to your maximum benefit.

How you can use your IBC to conduct business in your home country.

How you can use an international business set-up to eliminate income tax on your business profits.

How you can secure your business assets in an IBC.

How you can protect yourself from any future liability claims.

How you can secure your financial privacy.

Doing your due diligence.

We strongly advice that you do consult your attorney and your accountant before you start transferring all your business assets to an IBC! We put together a check list we suggest you use to make sure you get the help and obtain the advice you deserve.

Additional information to help you through the details.

These e-books and on-line courses are not free - but they come with a money-back guarantee and are certainly worth checking out! They are highly recommended for people who prefer to avoid other people's costly mistakes.

If you want a fast and solid overview, in a logical and well-organized presentation, check the e-books.

If you prefer "live learning", then check out our webinars .

If you want all the details and a specific "how-to" guide that coaches you through the entire process, you should check our home-study course.

The set-up process for your IBC.

This page is simply your to-do list when you are ready to order an IBC set up for you. You can also use it to check what you need to do before going ahead. But you should still sign up for our free e-mails before you make any commitment...

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