Introducing the Private Interest Foundation
- and how you get more information about it

A Private Interest Foundation is a legal entity that is owned by itself, established for a specified purpose in a foreign country by a Settlor who wants the assets and funds in the Foundation to continue to benefit the purpose, regardless what happens to him/herself.

If you want to know at least a bit more about what exactly we are talking about, you can get a peek through the links below - or simply take the guided tour through them all:

The Foundation - what it is and how it works.

This is a "for Dummies" description of the legal concepts behind a Foundation and how it works. It is not meant to substitute legal advice, but to help you understand what your attorney talks about...

Why go "Offshore"?

What we mean with "offshore" and "offshore countries".

Why you get so much more power and privacy by taking an international look at things.

Why your assets are much safer "offshore" than anywhere in your own country, and why you do not need to worry about this ever changing...

How you can use your Foundation to obtain financial freedom.

What you need to know about your Foundation before you can use it to your own benefit.

How you obtain complete privacy around your financial transactions, both private purchases and shopping, plus investments and other money transactions.

A graphical description of the Foundation and the players it involves.

If you are a visually oriented person, it might help you to see things "put into perspective". This page is simply a schematic representation of the Trust and the players around it, including the Beneficiaries, the Grantor (Settlor), the Council, and the Protector - and you.

(Use it if it helps you - ignore it if it doesn't. Please be patient with the download - it comes in pdf format. If you do not have a pdf reader on your computer, you can download one for free here!)

Doing your due diligence.

We strongly advice that you do consult your attorney and your accountant before you transfer all your assets to an Offshore FOundation! We put together a check list you can use to ensure that you do get the advice and the guidance you deserve....

Additional information to help you through the process of establishing and using a Private Interest Foundation.

These e-books and on-line courses are not free, but they come with a full one-year money-back guarantee! They are highly recommended for people who prefer to avoid other people's costly mistakes.

Whether you want a fast and solid overview, in a logical and well-organized presentation, or you want all the details and a specific "how-to" guide that coaches you through the entire process, you should check these online publications.

Prepare yourself for the final set-up process when you are ready to make your choices and find out exactly what kind of Foundation you should have established.

Please make sure that you fully understand what you are doing!

Setting up a Foundation is an irreversible process, and using it diligently involves a change of your financial lifestyle, so please prepare yourself well!

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