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Offshore Trusts

- a brief overview of what you can get, in full privacy

For an Offshore Trust to have any serious value for you, it must be established in a way that does not connect your name to it, on any government records whatsoever.

On the other hand, for the Trust to be of value to you, you need to be sure that the Trustee will do what you want....

We provide the education, the support, and the contacts you need in order to make full use of an Offshore Trust,
without breaking any laws.

There are many myths about Offshore Trusts. Officially, they are "dead", as far as the US government goes. There are no benefits from using them, it claims. You can find a lot of support for that point of view - all kinds of "lists" of cases that prove that people get nothing but trouble out of using Offshore Trusts.

But it is like reading the newspaper. You hear of all the accidents - never a word about all those responsible drivers that allow traffic to flow smoothly.

It is true that many people have been "burnt" by using Offshore Trusts in non-smart or illegal ways. The number is probably comparable to the number of people killed in traffic...

You still drive a car, don't you?

This is a matter of knowing how to do it. Buying a car alone will not bring you far. You need to know how to drive it safely - and you need to know the traffic laws. We tend to take this for granted when it comes to cars - so why would it be so difficult to accept the same kind of concept for running your financial affairs offshore? Yes - it takes some additional knowledge of a kind you cannot learn in any public school or education system. But you do not have to be a genius to learn it - if you can manage a business or an investment portfolio, you can also do this.

The real trouble is that no governments want you to know the truth! And the people who know how to do it right will not advertise how exactly you can do it too - they do not need any government harassment, but prefer to "do their own thing" in the privacy they enjoy and value so much...

We often get the question, "is it legal?" - and the answer to that is "YES, but it depends on how you do it..."

If you are in doubt about how to interpret that answer, then please check out this page before you make any decisions that could be wrong for you (the link opens a new window).

The benefits from "going offshore" are enormous, also for non-millionaires. Even for people who are so broke that they consider filing for bankruptcy can benefit very seriously from an offshore presence! In fact, when you are well established offshore, filing for bankruptcy doesn't hurt you at all! It just eliminates your personal debt...

So, what are the concerns? The true concern is that doing it wrong is criminal and will put you in jail for tax fraud. But doing it right will keep all your business and investment income free from taxation, forever, and it will retain your assets completely inaccessible for any future creditors of yours, including your own government.

This is why we focus on education. You cannot "just buy" any offshore entities from us. We want to make sure that, when you get control over your entity, you also know how to use it legally!

The Executive Summary:

Trusts are legal entities with the rights to do business, just as a live person. However, unlike corporations, they have no owners. They own themselves.

As for corporations, Trusts must have live persons to make decisions for them. That's the role of the Trustee - which, in this regard, can be compared to a Director for a corporation

The corporation's shareholders have no direct parallel when we talk about a Trust. The three roles they have are split over three offices:

  1. The Settlor (or Grantor) - who is to be compared to the "Initial subscriber"
  2. The Beneficiary - who is the one that will eventually harvest the value created in the Trust
  3. The Protector - who is the management appeal function, like the shareholders' vote at the General Assembly for a corporation.

For your privacy protection, you cannot assume any of those four offices for a Trust in a foreign country!

But there are other ways in which you can exercise the control you need over such a Trust...

Proceed with learning more about the set-up of that control now!

For a more detailed understanding of what a Trust is and how it works, please check this brief overview (opens in a separate browser window).

Briefly said, some of the benefits you can get include:

  • By law in the country where the Trust is established, it has no obligation to report its income or financial affairs to anyone. (This means "no bookkeeping" and "no taxes"...)

  • You can use the Trust as a "second identity" to conduct business that is illegal or impossible for you to do personally. (Again, this means that you can get the Trust to issue you a debit card or a credit card, even if you just filed for bankruptcy, and the banks in your own country want nothing to do with you...)

  • You can protect your assets from all kinds of future creditors, including your own government's tax agency, by creating and executing an asset protection plan that involves the Trust. (Nobody can force you to sell someone else's property in order for you to pay your personal debt, so when the Trust owns everything of value, you can declare bankruptcy without losing anything...)

  • You can access offshore investment opportunities that are extremely lucrative, compared to those your government approves of for public offering in your own country... (The government restrictions on what investments are allowed to be solicited to the public are huge - they typically costs $500,000 just to get started - and no promising business venture will spend that money and, at the same token, give away all their trade secrets because of the disclosure requirements of the Securities Commissions in just about all countries in the World... they go elsewhere for financing!)

  • You can use the Trust to invest in just about anything you want to invest in, including your own business! (This is how the big multinationals can end up paying no income taxes at all, without breaking the law....)

Before committing to working with an Offshore Trust, you need to understand that your government will not approve of your doing it in privacy. It will want you to report all income from your Trust as personal taxable income. However, there are powerful and legal ways of avoiding that problem, so it becomes legally none of your government's business to snoop into this - not to mention extorting any harassment on you because of this.

Most governments will do it anyway, though! And they will tell you that, "just to be safe", you should disclose everything about the Trust and assume personal liability for paying taxes for it - regardless of the fact that you have no legal obligations to do so. But if they can make you feel threatened enough to volunteer some administrative work and tax money they literally have no legitimate way of getting by honest means, then... well, you get the picture.

If you are in doubt what you should check in order to resist giving in to such scaremonger, here is your checklist (opens in new window).

How you "order" an Offshore Trust
through us

First, you can't order a Trust set up through us... That's not the way we do it, for reasons already briefly explained. But, through us, you can obtain the exclusive powers over an Offshore Trust - it is just done in a completely different way, which we do not disclose without knowing more about you... The reason is that we do not want you to have to break the law in your own country, in order to benefit from an Offshore Trust.

There is some administrative work involved for us in this - and we expect you to want us to protect your privacy - which we are happy to do. You can confirm this by checking our privacy policy.

Also, we are not interested in putting our most crucial trade secrets on public display. And seriously: if you can find someone who does, then we will strongly warn you against doing business with them, as they obviously have no clue about the most fundamental principles everybody has to respect in order to be successful in this industry!

For these reasons, we split the the process up into senveral stages, each of them providing you with the information you need in order to make a decision about going ahead with the next stage or not. The final stage includes handing you over the reigns of an Offshore Trust. But, as we said earlier, we are not going to do that without first educating you about what is involved in your doing this safely and legally. For this purpose, we split the payment up in smaller installments, and we need to know who you are, for fraud prevention.

And, the natural question: "What does it cost?"

It depends on what exactly you need, that means, which specific features you require the Trust to have. You should budget a total cash layout between $1,500 and $2,000, though, including education and all fees for first year's maintenance. If this is completely out of your possible range, then go here instead where you will find a solution that costs less cash up-front, but still allows you to revert back to the same end result.

How long it takes?

That depends more on you than on us.... We can do our part of this in a less than 2 days. But you will have paper work to do and payments to make, and things to read and learn - so a realistic expectation for most people is probably a couple of weeks.

The ordering procedure is as follows (all links open in a new window):

  1. You set up a hushmail account - if you don't have one already. Communication with us about these matters will only take place through encrypted e-mail.... We make zero exceptions to this!

  2. You make an initial symbolic payment with a credit card in your own name, so we can verify your identity. (If you do not have a personal credit card, then please contact us so we can find an alternative way of verifying your ID. There will be an extra fee for that - and it will cost you extra money for mailing/couriering documents to us, but we can certainly do it.)

  3. You send us this affidavit by opening a new e-mail in your hushmail account, copying/pasting the affidavit into that mail, and editing it as instructed, so you insert your personal information in all the places indicated. You will need your payment receipt number for this.

When you made you symbolic payment and sent us the affidavit, we will reply to your hushmail with further instructions for how you can access the information you need. Some of the instructions will be given in the hushmail, and some on a password protected page you will get access to. That will provide you with more information about the product and the process. On that page, you will get enough information to make up your mind if this is for you or not. We are fully aware that you shouldn't do that on the basis of the information we give you on this page alone! But, the unfortunate thing is that the information you need is not suited for public display, hence this little extra security procedure with a symbolic payment and an affidavit.

If you do not understand why we do things this way, you need to check your checklist again....

Get access to the information you need in order to
make a diligent decision on this matter.

Let's recap what your benefits are from doing this business with us:

  1. At the end of this process, you get full control over an Offshore Trust - without assuming any legal liabilities at all, even if you live in the USA and other people tell you that you can't.

  2. We do not ask you to commit to anything, until you know what you are doing... and we allow you to cut your decision into several steps, so you easily can restrict the knowledge you need at each stage to what is relevant for the decision at that stage, instead of being overwhelmed with semi-correct or partially irrelevant information you cannot easily assess the value or importance of.

  3. You get the education and support you need in order to take full advantage of this Offshore Trust, including personal consulting. And our level of communicating these complicated legal matters is down-to-earth, just the facts you need, in a way you can understand and use.

  4. You get a very competitive price - if you can show us anyone who offers the same or more for less, we will refund you twice the difference!

  5. We walk our talk...

So, first decision: is this something you would like to know more about?

If "yes", then get started by accessing the crucial information you need in order to make the next decision.

If anything else, then please consider this:

  • How many hours of tedious surfing do you think it will take for you to find some idiots who will display the information you need on a public web page?

  • And how are you going to know that their information is worth anything when they act that foolish?

  • How would you feel about their protection of your privacy when they are this stupid about managing their own business?

Just some food for thought....

Seriously, if you don't think it has any value for you to know what it takes to protect your privacy, your assets, and your business and investment income, then why did you even read this far?

The symbolic fee we ask for the crucial information is not making us rich - or you poor. Aside from barely covering our adminsitrative costs, it makes it possible for us to provide the information you require, and to do so in confidence, because we get to know who you are, and we get to supply the information as we want: in privacy. In other words, because we protect this information, we can put things straight and let you get to the core of what is important, instead of stating the obvious, which does not give you the precise answers you need. There is no way anyone in this industry could give you those answers on a public web page - and stay in business! That's why you probably already experienced that most of our competitors remain so general in what they dare to claim in public that even intelligent people get more confused than enlightened by paying attention to it.

And if the information isn't worth the money we ask? No problem - we will be happy to give you a refund. We are not trying to screw you. We are doing things this way in order to avoid letting you down by withholding information you truly need, just in order to protect ourselves. That's not in your best interest. Your best interest is secured by accepting the way we do this as the best possible compromise between publicity and confidentiality. Honestly, if this offends you, then you are the wrong person for offshore ventures....

So, here is your diligent choice:

Alternative option for people with a strained cash-flow:

If you need protection for your investment now, but do not have the funds to establish the protection, until it starts paying, then you are trapped!

The protection issue cannot wait till later, because it would put you right onto the path of crime if you try to transfer the investment to an offshore ownership once you get access to just a few pennies of that investment!

We can certainly help you out very fast - at an up-front cost that is only about 10% of the cost of establishing an offshore entity. We create an Investment Incubator Account for you, so you do not assume any ownership of the investment when the critical time for tax liability occurs. And the very best: you can use the funds from that investment to establish the protection and get the investment back under your control!

More info on this here.

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