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Thank you for coming to us to learn how you can protect your immature investment.

With "immature" we mean "an investment that has not yet paid anything, and, although you believe it will, there is no certainty that it actually will".

As you are aware, whatever you own in your own name is subject to your government's control, whether you like it or not, or whether your political circumstances allow you to agree with it or not.

If you agree that your government has the right to strip you of your personal freedom, then please leave this site - we have nothing to offer here that you will like.

However, if you disagree with your government's attempt to make you an obedient tax-paying slave (or whatever other terminology your government chooses to use to camouflage that fact), then please do not ignore its powers by confronting it directly. You are better off achieving your freedom by using the laws, not abusing them. And it is possible!

The wisest (and only effective) thing to do to protect your investment interest, is to release yourself from all ownership liabilities. Contrary to what you have learned in school or from any other public source of information, ownership is not the key to control. And it is control that matters....

You may have heard that you obtain control through the use of offshore legal entities. That is correct; you cannot do it within the legal frames inside your own country! Your government is not stupid enough to let you. You have to use the laws of other countries to make it happen legally.

And then, of course, the most common comment we hear is: "But I spent my last shirt on that investment - I can't afford to pay the price of having such an entity established, until I get some money back from that investment" - at which time, it will be too late to do anything, legally...

If this is your situation, then you are on the right page!

First, let's specify what we need from you in order for this to work...


You must own your investment. It sounds obvious, but it is not. There are many investment programs available with clauses in the contracts that prohibits people from selling them!

If you can't sell it, you don't own it...

The good news is that if there are no such specific restrictions in your contract, and you paid for this investment, then, by legal default, you own it - and can sell it.

In case you are legally restricted on this, you need to obtain written authorization from the owner that you are indeed allowed to sell it!

If you need help with this, then this report will give you a plan for how to go about obtaining such a permission, even in the toughest of cases... (opens in a separate window and is formatted in PDF, so it is easy to print).


For the information package, we only need your personal identity - and we verify that through your payment and the affidavit you will send us (more about this below).

However, for later using the information to set up an incubator for your investment, you will be required to disclose the details of the investment. Whoever does this for you will need to see a copy of your contract. We can only do it for you, if you are honest with us about this. We cannot help you protect something we cannot check what is... And if you can find someone else who will do it without knowing those details, then they are too foolish for you to do business with.

If you are subject to any kinds of restrictions in regards to disclosing details about this investment to others, you must obtain permission from the people you are obliged to that you may indeed show the contract to the people whom you need to contract with about this. If that is us, we will, of course, be happy to sign any reasonable non-disclosure agreement, confidentiality agreement, or similar agreement, in order to protect this information from getting into the hands of people who should not have it. This is standard practice for us, but you have to arrange this and send us the required paperwork....

We will not charge you for this extra work - but we also will not do it for you. We can't - we don't even know whom to contact or what exactly the problem or the demands are.

And yes, this implies that we also get to know whom you have this investment with.... We need a legal name of a person/business and a legitimate mailing address. We will not make do with a yahoo address... this is a serious legal matter, and if the other party is reluctant to identify themselves, then we want nothing to do with them.

"Know Your Client" and privacy protection

We must also tell you that this information is not for everyone. It is particularly not for criminals, so we will only share it with people whose identity we know, and about whom we know that they are acting as private persons, with no affiliation whatsoever to any kind of business, organization, or government agent anywhere in the world.

In return, we guarantee that your information goes nowhere from us, as long as you are not involved in serious crime that violates other people's rights. You are welcome to check our privacy policy for verification.

We further make sure that nobody else can track what critical information you get from us! We will provide some information via fairly unprotected means of communication (like this web page), but the core of it will be provided under terms and in a form that is impossible for other people to track the contents of. In other words, you do not have to be concerned about leaving any trail behind you in regards to the nature of the information you get from us. We guard that as vehemently as the credit card companies guard your credit card information through secure on-line transactions. We believe in your rights to make your own choices in regards to what information you want, whether or not other people agree. We know our information is neither criminal nor offensive, but we also know that there are people around who would like to prohibit us from distributing it, if they possibly could...

The procedure

For our protection, as well as for yours, there are four specific steps for you to go through for accessing this information:

  1. You communicate with us exclusively through hushmail, except for possibly faxing copies of documents to us. If you do not already have a hushmail account, you can get one free from this page (link opens a new window). The difference between hushmail and ordinary e-mail is that hushmail is PGP encrypted, so it is a safe as secure on-line credit card payments in regards to protecting your privacy. And we will not communicate passwords or other confidential information in any other way. We strongly suggest that you set up this hushmail account so you get automatically notified when you receive a mail to the account. You can have such notices go to your current e-mail account. We will not, under any circumstances whatsoever, discuss these matters over the phone!

  2. You pay a symbolic fee of US$ 10.00 in order to identify yourself and cover our administrative costs (link opens a new window). You keep your browser open, all the way through the payment process, following all instructions given by the payment processor, until you find a link that leads back to our pages ("Return to Merchant"). When you are asked for an e-mail address, you should use your new hushmail account!

  3. You look for further information being sent automatically to you by e-mail. If you are not set to receive e-mails from our server, you are stuck (more information on this - link opens a new window), but when you use your hushmail account as reference when you pay, this is never a problem.

  4. You sign and submit this affidavit to us (link opens a new window), either by fax or as attachment to an encrypted e-mail, and you include your hushmail account and your payment receipt number on that affidavit.

When we receive your affidavit and it identifies your through your payment, we will send you the pass-code for accessing the page where this is all explained in greater detail, and from where you can purchase the full information package for a price of only US$ 55.00.

Please note that if you do not follow these instructions to the letter, you will not get access to the information. We make no exceptions and accept no shortcuts. Also note that this information is not available off-line. We hate to tell you, but if you cannot operate a computer well enough to do this, you have no way either of successfully managing your financial affairs offshore, so you might as well just accept your status as a government slave... We hope, for you, that you will accept that freedom is not free, but worth fighting for.

What comes next...

When you understand what an Investment Incubator is all about, you might wonder where you go for getting one set up - and what it costs you to do so... We can most likely do it for you for a small fee of only US$ 135.00. If you want to use our services for this, you must provide us with some information about your investment, as already discussed. We have a secure on-line form for that. Once we know about your investment, we will come back to you with a specific offer.

We can promise you that there is a way for you to accomplish your goals of privacy and financial freedom, also in regards to this investment, and you do not have to break any laws to make it. But you need to educate yourself, so you know exactly what you are doing, and why you are doing it. Although in principle simple, this information is not generally understood or known - but we will be happy to explain it so it makes sense to you!

You must be prepared for doing quite a lot of reading in order to fully understand the value of our information package, so you can use it to your advantage; most people need at least 4-6 hours, and many need several days, if not weeks, in order to fully comprehend the value. Although it is technically possible to make "shortcuts", we will not advise you to do so. On the contrary, as part of the package, we give you specific guidelines for how you can get the most out of discussing this with your lawyer, if you want to seek legal advice before taking action on this information.

The information is exclusively available on-line. Some on standard web pages; some on secure and/or password protected web pages; some through e-mail; and some through hushmail in response to your affidavits. We do this deliberately, in order to protect your privacy. We will not send any printed documents to you.

And, just for the record: if you do not find the information worth what you paid, we will refund your fees, provided we got your affidavit.

Also, if you truly feel that what we ask is too much hassle for this, then we hope you will enjoy filling in your tax returns. (No apology for the sarcasm...)

But, do you really need this information?

Honestly, that depends on you and your situation... Let us help you make that decision.

Here are the possible reasons why you do need this information:

  • You have at least one valuable investment in your portfolio, but it does not pay any cash as of yet. Unfortunately, you paid for that investment with money that can be traced back to you or a bank account owned by you, so your personal ownership and tax liability are just there for any government to check and nail you on...

  • You do not like the thought of government snooping into your financial affairs, and you like even less that you do face a tax liability on the proceeds of your investment(s) if you do not take any action...

  • You also understand that time is of the essence - you have to take action before your investment increases in market value; otherwise, you might never be able to afford it...

  • You understand that "going offshore" is the right thing to do, to protect your privacy, your assets, your freedom, and your sanity. (If you are in doubt of this, then check this page so you know what to base that decision on.)

  • You just don't have the cash right now to set up an offshore protection structure... (it will typically cost you about $2,000....)

  • You want Novasol to set up an Investment Incubator for you - and we will not do that unless you purchased the information package first... We refuse to sell you something you do not even know what is.

Here are the possible reasons why you would not need this information:

  • The investment you "own" is actually not owned by you - because the contract you signed when you acquired the rights to a payout contains a clause that prohibits you from selling those rights to a third party. If this is the case, we can only help you if you can obtain a letter from the other party, with whom you have that contract, that they authorize you to sell the investment to a legal entity outside your country. If you need our help with this, you can get it here.

  • You already know enough about how to protect your investment, so you are basically just wasting your time browsing our pages... If you are willing to share your knowledge with us, then please contact us about it!

  • The "investment" has a dubious source, and it might originate from crime... in that case, we want nothing to do with it! If you cannot come up with a legal business name and a legitimate mailing address for the people with whom you have this investment, then just forget it.

  • You have enough funds available (about $2,000), so you can set up your own offshore protection structure without touching any funds in your investment. If you want us to help with that, we will be happy to do so - please start that process here. (Note: It is pointless to set up an Investment Incubator if you can raise about $1,500-$2,000 cash now for setting up the controls of an Offshore Trust!)

  • Your investment has already matured, and money is already on a bank account in your name or in the name of a business you own. In this case, your possible use of our information would be a criminal tax evasion act from your side. Just pay your taxes, then - and do better with your next investment! You are welcome to contact us about how you still can protect your assets, but it will be under terms of you accepting your tax liability.

  • You have no interest in asset protection and privacy - you believe your government knows best what is good for you... Obviously, you did not get the message earlier, so you will now leave this site for good.

Summing up, if you are serious about your privacy and personal freedom, you want to access to this information now!

Again, the procedure is:

  1. When you click on the link above, you can make your symbolic payment to identify yourself. You will then be automatically led to further instructions by following the links you are given, and also by checking your e-mails.
  2. You establish a hushmail account, so you can receive the pass code you need.
  3. You print out this affidavit and fill it in with your personal information, including your hushmail address.
  4. You fax the affidavit to us at +1-775-890-0699 or scan a copy and send it as an attachment through hushmail to us.

These instructions will be repeated when you make your payment.

To your freedom!

Novasol Judicare Inc.


P.S. As we pointed out already, the information we have to share here is very comprehensive, and it is not available off-line. In order to access it, you must be prepared for following our instructions very carefully, as we lead you through, one step at a time. If you are new to using computers on-line, please check out this little FAQ document that explains the most common reasons for "newbies" to get stuck and how you avoid that. You might want to print it out and keep it next to your computer for easy reference, or bookmark it, so you can get to it when you need it.

P.P.S. In all honesty, we must also make sure that you understand that, if you have the ability of raising about $2,000 cash now, then an Investment Incubator is not the best solution for your asset protection needs. With that much cash available, you are better off with an Offshore Foreign Grantor Trust directly. More about that here.

So, your investment isn't worth protecting? Or, are you looking forward to reporting the proceeds from this investment as personal income on your tax return when it matures?

If so, blessings to you - and good luck.

Maybe you should take a second look at what we have to offer....?

Another option you might appreciate is that we run webinars on this topic - so if you prefer an audiovisual presentation, you can check out our scheduled webinars.

If $200 is a problem...

OK - if you are so broke that even $200 exceeds what you can manage at the moment, then you have more reason than ever to make sure that you also get to enjoy your investment fully... Let us tell you then that we might be able to finance all up-front fees for you, so you have zero dollars to pay now for the protection. Would your investment be worth that?

In order to do this, you need to tell us a bit about yourself and your investment, so we can assess the risk associated with paying your fees for you, without asking any collateral. For this, you must set up a hushmail account (free) and send to us an introduction of yourself and a description of your investment to . This description of the investment must include specific references to

  • the people who administer this investment for you (contact information);
  • the nature of the investment (what exactly does it entitle you to?);
  • expected payout time(s) and amount(s);
  • what kind of proof you have of your ownership of this investment (contract, membership, insurance policy, or other type of bond - you do not need to provide the proof yet, just explain to us what the nature of that proof is);
so we can assess the risk associated with paying these fees for you.

We will then give you an offer to a deal that will allow you to protect this investment at zero up-front cost for you! We will take care that all fees are deferred to the time after the investment matures, so it can pay for its own protection. (Yes, the fees you end up paying this way will be more than what you save now, just as you expect to get a return on your investment that is bigger than what you originally invested - but we can guarantee that the total cost in the end will be way less than what your "no action" alternative is....)

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