Protect your assets from taxation and creditors, 
protect your business and investment income from taxation, 
protect your estate for your heirs, 
protect your business from bankruptcy, 
protect your privacy from snooping and reporting, 
and protect yourself from liability claims and frivolous lawsuits! Thank you for your interest in protecting what is YOURS! This is a gateway to more information about how and why you can use national law and International legal entities to
  • protect your legal rights,
  • protect your assets, your business, your Estate, and your privacy,
  • obtain significant tax deductions for personal income,
  • and completely eliminate income tax on all and any type on business profits, including capital gains, dividends, and interest revenue.

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Mogens Eliasen publishes The Doggy Bone
 for people who appreciate their freedom 
 and want to protect it and use it
Protect what is YOURS
- to the full extent possible
by National and
International law!

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Our free on-line tutorial - this is the very minimum you absolutely have to know about "offshore"... please check it before you make any expensive decisions!

Articles for you to use - in your e-zine or as handouts, or on your web site. Or simply as personal education...

Support for owners of small businesses - including a free course on how you decide which kind of business is right for you. Also many references to valuable ressources.

Novasol's affiliate program - which gives you access to a free education on how you can make money on-line without spending a single dime ever... You can join for free - and with no obligations.

"The Doggy Bone" - Mogens Eliasen's famous newsletter on personal freedom and offshore matters; you can join at no charge by using the link.

E-books and courses:

Available publications by Mogens Eliasen:

"Making Yourself Financially Invulnerable" - the principles for protecting your assets, in privacy and financial freedom; why "going offshore" works! But it takes way more than "just opening an account"...

"Trusting the Trustee...?" - how you avoid being conned into a scam, and still control assets without ownership and with no liability. This is a must-read for anyone contemplating "going offshore"...

"Eliminating Your Business Income tax" - a simple concept that is used by all multinational companies; now also available for even home-based businesses! The concepts are applicable for any existing business.

"Setting Up Your Business For Financial Freedom" - your "driver's license" for operating offshore financial vehicles! The homework assignments of this course are literally your to-do lists for your due diligence, through establishing your offshore entities as well as getting them structured and organized for your benefit. Nobody should "go offshore" without this knowledge...

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Standard webinars by Mogens Eliasen:

Novasol's voice/chat room - the new way of doing better than conference calls: literally online seminars, where you can listen, ask questions, see presentations, and write comments/questions!

Commonly repeated webinars include:
  • "Offshore entities - which ones to use for what"
  • "Offshore Trusts - what you can and cannot do with them"
  • "Going Offshore - is it for YOU?"
  • "The Investment Incubator - offshore protection for investors who are broke"
  • "Protecting your immature investment - before it is too late"

Please check the schedules and sign-up procedures by using the link above.

Legal entities:

Offshore Trusts - established in complete privacy, without your name entering any government records whatsoever. This is your base for all your financial ventures!

Private Interest Foundations - the Civil Law's parallel to the Common Law's Trust. Very suitable as instrument for an Offshore trust when you want to pursue specific objectives related to how you want to spend funds.

International Business Corporations - which enables your Trust or Foundation to engage in just about any kind of business. This is a tax-free money-maker when owned by your Trust or Foundation.

Domestic Corporations - which can be useful as subsidiary for your offshore entities when government registration is required.

Professional services:

Consulting Services - Arrange a phone consultation - or start a more involving project, such as putting an asset protection plan together.

Using us as your nominee Director or Shareholder, or formal Executive - for your IBC or your Domestic Corporation.

Need to protect an investment but don't have the cash right now? - We can negotiate your deal and bring you a satisfactory offer; if not, it is free...!

Pre-Paid Legal family plan - the support 90% of all North American families should have...

Business Owners' Legal Support Plan - access to expert advice when you need it, without paying small fortunes for it... Areas of expertise include legal services, marketing, financing, business organization, employee relationship, - just about everything a business owner needs access to, but cannot possibly know all by himself/herself.

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Novasol's Affiliate Program - f0r anyone who can give away free information!

Translation of your products and/or web pages - for those who are good at writing in their own language, and capable of understanding what we write in English.

This is what you can learn from us:

  • How you can access expert advice from competent lawyers anytime.

  • How you can avoid being a worthy target for a predatory lawsuit.

  • How you can afford to lose any case in court about a financial claim against you, because you have your assets secured in a judgment-proof way so your creditors cannot touch them.

  • How you can stop others from snooping into your financial affairs, including your taxman, the credit bureaus, and your enemies.

  • How you can avoid double-taxation on your business income - and even eliminate your business income taxes altogether!

  • How you can retain all proceeds from your investments - no capital gain tax, no taxes on interests or dividends.

  • How you can secure your business assets so you can retain them even through a bankruptcy.

  • How you can ensure that your Estate is passed on to your heir(s) exactly as you want it, and without any taxes, legal fees, or probate due!

  • How you can obtain a bullet-proof liability protection no insurance company will sell to you.

Something to think about...

Obstacles are never reasons to quit. They are reasons to get creative and identify ways in which they can be overcome. As long as you have choices for action, there are possible solutions, even if you cannot see them right now. When you remain active, new possibilities will constantly develop - and sooner or later the right one will appear for those who continue looking.

We are ready to help you! We can do it in either of the following ways, dependent on where you are at in the process of making yourself financially invulnerable and independent:

  • If you have time to browse for free information, you should check out our comprehensive free education site - it contains a lot of information about these topics, organized in a way that helps you determine exactly which International legal entities you will need in order to obtain you freedom goals. You will also learn the fundamentals about the "offshore lingo", so you understand how the different legal entities work, and what you can do with them. This little "library" is actually quite comprehensive (some 80 web pages...), so take your time studying it!

  • If you want information here and now and you want to go into deeper detail than what we can do on a public web site, about how you can use International legal entities to protect your financial interests, please check our e-books on this:

    • "Making Yourself Financially Invulnerable" - which gives you what you need to know about using offshore legal entities for protection of yourself and your personal assets before you embark on setting anything up offshore.
    • "Trusting the Trustee...?" - which answers the fundamental question, "how can you be sure that these foreign strangers don't just run away with your money?".
    • "Eliminating your Business Income Tax" - which is what all business owners need to know - provided, of course, that they can make a profit out of their business... because, if they can't, it really doesn't matter....

    The e-books go a level deeper than what we can display in public, so, if you are more than curious, then you need them.

  • If you are short of time right now, but in no specific urgency getting yourself established in the financial freedom world, then you should subscribe to our free e-mail lectures. Use this link and select the topic that interests you the most, and we will send you the information over a few weeks, in small digestible portions. These e-mails are really lectures made on the basis of extracts of the e-books, so you won't need them if you got the e-books.

  • If you prefer to listen and see instead of reading, our webinars might be something you will benefit from. "Webinar" is really "online seminars", where you can listen to a presentation, see illustrations, and ask questions, all through your computer! No need for the phone, so no long distance charges, and no snooping.

  • If you are determined to get yourself or your business set up for financial freedom, you should consider our extensive home-study course. It will provide you with a complete guidance through all the details of the set-up processes, as well as a very comprehensive guide to how exactly you can take full advantage of your International entities, without breaking the law.

  • If you want Mogens Eliasen to come to your place and teach your group, you can check the details for what it will cost. There are several models available, and we can certainly find one that fits your situation. Joint-ventures are very welcome!

  • If you are ready to go ahead and take action in regards to establishing your International presence, and you do not need any extra tax advantages, then, by all means, please check out

    We are committed to ensuring that you get the support you need. We demonstrate that by refusing to sell you anything offshore without you also getting the education you need to use it well! Offshore legal entities are like weapons and cars: in the hands of someone incompetent, they can be outright dangerous. The danger here is for you to watch out for - because the border line between "smart use" and "crime" is sharp and not easy for the uneducated to see... We do not want to see our clients in jail! Crime is completely unnecessary for achieving any relevant goals, also offshore - but it takes some serious knowledge to avoid the pitfalls.

  • If you know someone else who could possibly benefit from our knowledge and services, we suggest you take advantage of our our Affiliate Program that pays you generously (and tax-free!) for customers you refer to us. All it takes for you to make money with that program is that you can refer people to our free information!

"The things that will destroy us are: politics without principle; pleasure without conscience; wealth without work; knowledge without character; business without morality; science without humanity; and worship without sacrifice."

Mahatma Mohandas K. Gandhi

Too busy to study the information of this site now?

We will be happy to e-mail you more information, so you can digest it when it fits you. Please use these links to get the information that interests you the most:

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The first fours series of e-mail lectures marked with an * are somewhat similar to each other, building on the same base, yet they focus on the specific aspects of different applications and will invite you to dig deeper into certain individual topics. You are welcome to sign up for as many as you want, as long as you are prepared for some of the information being partially overlapping between the series.

Note: we do not trade e-mail addresses and will not give your e-mail address to anybody else. Also: signing up for this information will not result in your being contacted by anybody! (Please refer to our privacy policy.)

By setting up International business entities wisely, you can use them to protect your personal assets, your business assets, you financial privacy, and your estate. You can further use such them to obtain significant tax deductions for yourself - to the point of completely eliminating tax liability on non-employment income. Used diligently, they can provide you the ultimate protection of yourself, your loved ones, and your business against lawsuits, creditors (including your government's tax agency), black-mailing, accidents, and liability of all kinds, professional as well as private.

The principles for using International business entities are completely legal and do not call for your hiding or falsifying any information you are legally obliged to divulge to your government in order for you to enjoy the benefits. It is our mission to teach you what you need to know in order to understand what it takes to enjoy the benefits of organizing your financial affairs from an International platform, without breaking any laws.

Having said that, you also need to know that your government will not like this - and it will try to do anything it can to harass you into believing that it is illegal... There are ways of protecting yourself against that, but they do not go through getting your government's approval of your acquiring your financial freedom! If you are serious about wanting such approval before you dare to do anything to protect yourself, you are no longer a free individual...

You can learn more about us and what we stand for at our mission page.

Translation to other languages

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  • Do you write it well?
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If you answered "yes" to just a few of these qwestions, you should check our what we offer to translators!

From childhood, we have learned that, if we want to control something, we have to own it...

Nelson Rockefeller once said, "I want to own nothing, but control everything".

The truth is that the kind of control that is established through your ownership is the government's control over you!

What you own is simple and easy for the government to take away from you. By signing your tax return, you allowed the government to do this, without first obtaining judgment, in case there should be a dispute between you and the taxman about what you are supposed to pay in taxes!

Morale: What you own is nothing but the government's collateral for your compliance with the government's demands for taxes...!

With even the US government's tax experts being proven wrong in more than 38% of all cases where they have answered taxpayers' inquiries about tax laws, this is pretty scary...

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